Hiya, my name is Haley! I’m a Jesus follower, Auburn student, Atlanta native, friend, writer, reader, musician, and Harry Potter fanatic.

Now, let’s talk about you.

Maybe you’re one of my best friends. (Why did you click on the About page?) Maybe you’re not a Christian, and you’ve got some questions. Maybe you’ve been struggling with anxiety or insecurity, two of my personal battles that I’ll definitely write about. Maybe you’re looking for a quick read. Maybe you need a good cry. (Honestly, I am right there with you.) Maybe you’ve just been through a breakup, or you’ve just entered a new relationship. Maybe life is a breeze right now. Maybe it’s a boxing match.

Wherever you’re at, this blog is for you.

I write to help you believe more in Jesus and yourself. Sure, there are other reasons, too—bragging on God, processing my thoughts. But first and foremost, this space is for you. I want to help you walk with Jesus and take on each day feeling capable, with His Spirit inside you. I want to give you a big hug and then send you out to do what you were made to do. I want to give you sweet words of encouragement and rallying pep talks. This blog is not about me; how boring would that be? Whatever you read, it was meant for you.

So bring your burdens and your beauty. Taste and see what God has done. Dare to hope in something bigger. No matter your size, beliefs, race, gender, status, stage in life, or anything else: You are welcome here.

Lots of love,